Retail Commerce 360

Retail Commerce allows you to seamlessly manage your business and your employees, design a magnificent online store together with a mobile point of sale.

Thanks to the digital transformation of your physical retail and online stores and by coordinating the operation of both a simple purchase becomes a new exciting experience. This is how Retail Commerce works!

Solutions for every company

Our 360 cloud software proposal has been designed for all types of companies, in all sectors. Small, medium or large size companies, online stores for retailers or wholesalers/distribuitors, franchises, entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Administrative, accounting and end-to-end management

Omnichannel online stores

Simple and effective time and attendance control

Mobile point of sale management

Zeus management tool simplifies your business operations. It smoothly runs the daily tasks of management, billing, sales and purchasing, accounting and finance. It helps you in making intelligent decisions based on real-time data analytics.

Generates budgets, orders, delivery notes and invoices. View checking account with just one click.

Manages your accounting process from vouchers generation all the way to complete balance sheets.

Displays stock and/or makes adjustments and transfers between deposits.

Issues invoices, delivery notes, purchase orders, quotes and purchases suggestions.

Know the details of total balance or by branches, prepayments and receipts allocation, etc.

Modifies prices quickly and easily; designs offers and promotions.

Allows to visualize the details, opening and closing cash, deposit and cash back, transfers.

Improves processes with the traceability of information. Deposits and cash withdrawals, checks, debits and bank credits, credit card settlement.

  • Issues standard and customized reports in excel, PDF, word or simple text.
  • Allows to program reports emailing.
  • Operates with the reports issued: highlight, consult, etc.
  • Exports accounting information.

easycommerce® ¡Having your online store has never been so easy!
Create and optimize your local and international ecommerce, for retail and/or wholesale sales. Provides outstanding user experience for your customers with omnichannel, together with 100% precise AI data.

Purchasing administration, purchase orders, budgets, reservations, etc., all online.

Boosts the positioning of your store with Search Engine Optimization tool by placing the customer at the center of the strategy and integrating the benefits of paid search.

The best presentation tool for your products. Load, describe, detail and edit each item giving it the greatest visibility.

Customize the site with your brand. User-friendly options to easily navigate in your store.

Includes campaigns, banners, product minivideos and more!

Create the profiles of your clients and send information of interest in a segmented way.

The customer is at the center. It offers each user the best experience via a channel that best suits your customer, identifying him regardless of the way he chooses to connect with you.

Captures transactional, operational and customer data in real time, using analytics to improve user experience.

Integrates your virtual store with internal management systems, online payment methods, platforms and marketplaces, logistics operator systems, analytics tools and online media, among others.

QuickPass it is the easiest, fastest, and most reliable way to record any workday. A solution for employees’ assistance and time management via biometric recognition, with reports of assistance, absenteeism and management of fixed, flexible or rotating shifts.

Whether your team is telecommuting, attending the office or you have a staff on the move, QuickPass it is the ideal solution as it is flexible and versatile for all business scenarios.

Adapted to the new labor regulatory context saving time and simplifying the management of Human Resources.

Provides access to the entire HR team to coordinate efforts and grants permissions for each role.

Differentiates the hours worked inside and outside the company geolocating the records, organizes the information by branch.

Plans and coordinates work schedules with fixed, flexible and rotating shifts.

By face, mobile, pin, phone, card or fingerprint.

Discover everything you can do with your administration panel.

Extracts reports of time off, leave of absence, rejections, hours worked, news, shifts, hours settlement, planning.

Time templates that include company data, employee identification, registration of entries and exits, projected and completed hours.

Receive reports, dashboard and indicators in your email at your convenience.

Provides complete information (easily accessible, unified, and accurate).

BillApp design the ideal purchasing experience in your store. Our concept is a fast, flexible, and modern store applied to your business.
Our mobile solution for points of sale, an ideal app for agile customer service and business management experience. Accessible and intuitive, manages your business easily, controls your merchandise and invoices from mobile devices. All the flexibility you need!

Invoices, budgets, orders and remittances from the comfort of your mobile device.

A solution for every specific need of your business.

Importing data from excel files.

Get a detailed operations breakdown of your sellers as well as all your points of sale in real time and from your mobile device.

Check and manage stocks in real time no matter where you are.

Creative communication and digital marketing

Internet and online communications have created a new space for conversation between people. We invite you to immerse yourself in a digital transformation environment to connect with your customers!

We help you improve your online and offline presence.

  • Brand development
  • Logo creation
  • Web development
  • Landing page design
  • Animated videos
  • Brochures
  • Institutional material
  • Commercial material
  • Social networks
  • Digital campaigns

Grow with you

Retail Commerce is Omnichannel. It is simple and tailored to customers, and helps you make the best decisions for your growth.

You can use each of our solutions individually or jointly, integrating with other management systems or online stores. We accompany you each step of the way so that you can generate your own synergy between different channels that are ideal for your company!